What is embolization of the varicocele?

Varicocele embo. Varicocele embolization is the plugging of the gonadal vein or veins causing the varicocele. Through a tiny incision, a catheter is directed into the gonadal vein, and using coils and/ or particles, the vein(s) are plugged, redirecting blood flow to other healthy pathways. http://www.sirweb.org/patients/varicoceles/.
A way to block... Varicocele embolization is an innovative means to treat voricocele at need with injecting embolizing coil + sclerosing agent to induce proximal level at spermatic vein entering left renal vein performed by interventional radiologists, so to cause blocking spermatic vein and in time, collapsing varicocele, with a claim of improving semen quality and pregnancy rate.
Varicocele. A radiologist puts a catheter into your testicular vein and place plugs or sclerosing material to plug the backflow of blood.