How does treatment involved embryonic stem cells work?

Complex science. These are more primitive cells which can divide and produce needed cells in the right situation. They are for instance now being used in bone marrow transplantation for cancer. This work has to carefully controlled and the work is complex. Many phony outfits advertise the "use" of stem cells to treat a variety of illness. These are all fake, dangerous and there has been blindness in one clinic.

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What types of stroke does embryonic stem cell therapy succeed with?

Still being studied. Seems like nowadays they are looking into stem cell therapies to cure just about everything; and hopefully one day they just might. I know there has been some press on the subject; but I believe clinical trials are still being conducted. I'll throw this out to my fellow 'tappers' for their input. Happy holidays!
Not available. Stem cell therapy, to make a pun, is still in its embryonic phase. It has not been released by fda for stroke therapy yet. Preclinical trials are underway but won't bear fruit any time soon.