Could dry socket be the reason behind my bad breath and repulsive taste?

Yes. Did you recently have a tooth extracted? Does it hurt? Dry sockets usually hurt a lot. Check with your dentist.
Yes, but.......... Absolutely! But there are a host of other possible causes. Infection is another possible one. See your dentist asap for an evaluation and appropriate treatment.
More info needed. More information is needed. Did you have a tooth extracted a few days ago? If so, yes it can cause the problems you are having. Dry socket is a quick and easy fix. See your dentist.

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I always have bad taste in my mouth and bad breath. Is this infection, or dry socket?

Not normal. Possibly an infection, and only a dry socket if you had an extraction in the past few days. Have your dentist take a look for a definitive diagnosis.
Recent tooth out? If you had a recent tooth extracted it could be a dry socket. Otherwise this suggests gum disease. See your dentist or a periodontist.