What are the pros and cons of lasik eye surgery?

Pros and Cons. The lasik surgery carries no more risk than many other common or routine surgeries. Lasik has helped millions of people with their sight. Surgery is not painful and you will see better than contact lenses.
Depends. The risks and benefit profile of any surgery is dependent on the patient. See a refractive specialist for a consultation and they will likely go over the pros and cons as they pertain to you in detail. For most people, pros of laser vision correction far outweigh the cons.

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Doctors, what are the pros and cons of lasik eye surgery?

Risk/benefit. The obvious pro is the reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The risks, while small, can include glare and halo around lights at night, dry eyes, and of course the cost. It's a safe surgery but problems and complications can arise, discuss the details with your ophthalmologist and he can be more specific to your prescription and eyes.