What causes congenital dislocation of the radial head?

Radial head. congenital dislocation can be and is often a spontaneous difference that just occurs however sometimes it is associated with a syndrome such as foot and hip disorders, variations in the forearm and radius that can be associated with anemias and other congenital issues so certainly be evaluated to see if it is an isolated issue. Often no rx is needed despite reduced motion of elbow or forearm.
No body know . For sure how it happened, but we know it happened in the first 6 weeks or 8 weeks of the embryo life.

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I have congenital dislocated radius, how long does it take to recover from excision of the radial head surgery?

Couple of months. After excision of radial head first two weeksare rough and you will not be able to use the arm. Then gradually you will be allowed to start excercising and using the arm slowly o heavy use for several months but it will improve every week for complete recovery it may take as long as 3-6 months. Read more...