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At home exercise to strengthen knee after patellar dislocation?

SLR's. Straight leg raises w/ a 1 or 2 lb. Ankle wt. On a daily basis (start w/ 25 and buld up to 100 per day).Lay flat on back, bend good knee to 90 degrees;.Then bring ankle back on weak leg (tightening hamstring group) then tighten quads and pick up leg and hold a foot or so off floor or couch and hold for a count of 10.Then let down relax both muscle groups and then repeat. Look up diagram of exercise.

For post patellar dislocation, can knee supports really support the knee from recurring patellar dislocation?

Patellar dislocation. If you do your rehab and utilize your brace you have a chance for recovery without recurrence, but you are more at risk for redislocation than individual that has not had a dislocation. There are multiple structural factors which come into play. This is something for you to discuss with your orthopedist.

Femur lateral condyle bruise after patellar dislocation. Can't bend leg past 45 degrees in supine position. But can bend it upto 100 while sitting? Why: (

MRI. Obtian and orhtopedic consultation: you may have scar tissue or debris form the injury in the joint, possibly fluid. Nonetheless, obtain an immediate orthopedic consultation.

It bad to keep running laps if I have patellar dislocation?

Maybe. If you truly had a dislocated patella I doubt you would be able to keep running! Unless it popped right back into place. You have to get your quad muscle strong, the vastus medialis part of the quad strong to prevent further dislocation of the kneecap. You can do this by doing a straight leg raise with your quad muscle contracted. You can also get formal physical therapy from a pt.

Is it possible to tear the ACL during a patellar dislocation?

Yes. During a contact driven acl tear, the knee is in a position that makes it easy for the patella to come out to the side. Typically an mcl tear and medial patellofemoral ligament tear will also occur. A non contact acl tear is not likely to result in a patella dislocation, however.
Yes. Generally patellar dislocations are not commonly associated with acl tears. However, severe injuries can injure a several structures within the knee. Your orthopedist can easily diagnose an acl tear with an exam and or mri.

How fast can I make my patellar dislocation go away?

A long time. When you patellar dislocation, sometime you may need surgery to get back in place after surgery you need brace for 6week, then p.T to strength the muscle. Good luck thank you.
Depends. If this is a 1st dislocation a brace and rehab are needed. 6-8 weeks recovery. If you are a recurrent subluxer work hard on your quads. A patellar training sleeve will help. Surgery is a possibility.

Does patellar dislocation usually cause many symptoms?

Yes. Are you talking about acute dislocation, or recurrent dislocation. All of them have symtoms.