I got bit 10 minutes ago by my chihuahua. He already had his anti rabies shot. Should I still go to the hospital?

Risk of infection. Bites from a domesticated dog can, but not usually, get infected. Mild bites only need to be cleaned out thoroughly and observed closely for signs of an infection (fever, pus, increasing redness, etc.) more severe bites should be evaluated by your doctor for possible other soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.) fyi...Cat bites should always be evaluated by your doctor.
Chihuahua bite. If your dog bit you, it's best to wash out the wound with soap and water - that reduces the chance for infection. Great if the dog already had the rabies vaccine. In fact, dog rabies has been declared eliminated in the U.S. by the CDC. You may need other treatment though depending on how 'bad' the bite was -- so for that you may need to show an MD. Hopefully you're up-to-date on a tetanus shot.