How to deal with stomach pain and heartburn?

Antacid. Take otc antacids at double the recommended otc dose for immidiate releif. Consult your doc to short out, gastritis, gerd, pu, du, h. Pylori.........Relevant for your age.

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Anxiety causing stomach issues hurt to eat and heartburn stomach pain am I headed towards GERD or ulcer? What should I take for this

You may be. Stress and anxiety can certainly cause other physical ailments such as increasing acid production, leading to possible GERD or ulcers. The acid issue can be treated by avoiding trigger foods that also affect you, and medications. Controlling anxiety however is the main issue causing your problems, so treating that is paramount. See the Dr. For a good exam, evaluation, and treatment.

Would GERD make me have stomach pain?

100s of diagnoses! This is too broad a question. Go to a doc who will do a careful history and exam, and then order appropriate tests!
Yes. Reflux may cause pain similar to gastric irritation in addition other symptoms may be present too. But many other reasons for abdomen pain. If it long standing and does not subside consult a physician.

Does the stomach pain caused by my GERD go away after having a nissen fundoplication?

It should. Prior to performing a fundoplication, I always have my patients undergo a 24-hr pH test. This will objectively measure the severity of your gerd and allow us to correlate your pain episodes with your reflux; this will help predict your response to surgery. Keep in mind that most people with gerd do not need surgery; this disease is usually best managed non-surgically.
GERD usually. ... .. Causes esophageal pain (heartburn) and not stomach pain. .. If stomach pain, then gerd may not be cause, and fundoplication may not fix this stomach pain.

Cn eating fast and being anxious whilst eating cause GERD in young adult if been doing for 3 years? Get chest pain/stomach pain bending over after eat

Yes, although it. Might not be GERD, just burping (get an MD to look at this). Sounds like anxiety rules your eating habits, so deal with the anxiety. Eating slowly, chewing thoroughly and drinking only a little water with the food will aid digestion, minimize gaseous backlash and stomach/intestinal pain. Enjoy your food as much as possible and see someone about that anxiety.

I've been taking Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) and I accidentally consumed chocolate. I have GERD and have been having severe stomach pain. What should I do?

Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) and pain. Many possibilities. Call the doctor who has prescribed the Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) to report your problem and see about a recheck.
Accidently??? how can anybody consume something accidently. Yoou try the first bite, then second, then the whole chocolate bar or pack of M&M are gone take anti acide and yeat yougurt it will naturalized the acid in your stomach and the chocolate you can make a mix of pepto-bismuth30 cc and mylanta 30 cc and drink it and follow it with yougurt stop buying chocolate this way you do not accidentally eat it.