Could my husband have given me his athletes foot by rubbing his feet on me during the night in bed?

Yes. Athletes foot, or a fungal infection can be caught by direct contact. Both you and your husband need to be treated to eradicate the fungus, as well as the tiles in the bathroom to prevent reinfection. Lamisil (terbinafine) is an o/c antifungal cream. If it is resistant to non - prescription see a doctor for prescription antifungals.
Athlete's foot. For any infection to occur, the innoculum, or amount of infectious particles, such as fungus in athlete's foot, needs to be of significant quantity and for long enough time or w skin that has a broken barrier and exposed to the elements, or in a paitent who's skin immune's system can't fight the contagion as well as other people's immune system. Transmission from floor in shower, gym, pool side.
Possible. But 4 feet in a bed are always better than 2. So, there is a bright side. Make him apply the antifungal cream to your feet.