Can chronic gastritis causes GERD or increase in acid in stomach?

No. Gastritis can be caused by either increased acid production or a breakdown of the barrier lining if the stomach, but not the other way around. This may be caused by the bacteria h. Pylon. Gerd is a problem with too much stomach contents going he wrong way up in to the esophagus causing heartburn and regurgitation. See a gastroenterologist or your primary care provider or more info.
Chronic gastrits. Is related to stomach acid. Gerd is the splashing of the acid into the esophagus (swallowing tube).

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Why would somwone 37 be diagnosed with GERD LPR diverticulosis chronic gastritis tublar adnoma and hyperplastic polyps. Did my system just give up?

Clarification. Diverticulosis is very common, and most people live with it without any problem. Gerd is very common, just try to understand what triggers it, and take medication when you need it. Chronic gastritis might be due to h. Pylori infection which is very common outside of us. Hyperplastic polyp is due to chronic irritation. There is no reason to think that your system is broken. Tubular needs follow up. Read more...