I'm not a soldier. Why do people keep telling me I show symptoms of ptsd? According to the rest of society, I can't possibly have ptsd...

Society wrong, then. Although ptsd is common in military personnel, they're by no means the only people who suffer this condition. Anyone can experience extremely frightening events -- rape, for instance. Symptoms include re-experiencing such as flashbacks & nightmares; avoidance like numbing feelings & having amnesia; & hyperarousal, or being easily startled & having insomnia. Help is available; ask your doctor.
PTSD. Anxiety symptoms can occur after experiencing or seeing traumatic events that involved threat of injury or death. It does not necessarily occur in soldiers. It involves symptoms of re-experiencing or re-living the event, avoidance & arousal symptoms.
Threat of death. PTSD is a post trauma reaction to being in the situation of impending real or perceived loss of life, or inability to is scape. Examples of this would come from being in combat situations, or severe physical or sexual abuse. There are degrees of PTSD, it is not a matter of either the patient does or does not have it, it's not all or none.