My mother in law went for the heart scan and diagnosed evidence of mildischaemia in the apex and distal inferolateral wall of the left ventricle?

Bad circulation. Coronary arteries supply blood, and therefore oxygen, to every organ on the body. Coronary ischemia means low blood and oxygen to the heart, which can cause a heart attack. This is usually caused by cholesterol plaque blockage of the coronary arteries. The report says that your mother-in-law probably needs a procedure to open the vessels and restore circulation, like a stent or bypass surgery.
Nuclear study. A mild defect means that the tip or apex and the lateral wall of the heart is not getting blood flow during the stress portion of the test, & the area affected is small at rest it reverses back to normal. Please seek a follow up with your dr.

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Cardiology. What are the reason fro doing a MRA of the left ventricle, what dose this specific test look at, that a basic MRI heart scan wont show?

Blood flow. MR Angiography shows blood flow. See link below for a good overview. Http://www. Nytimes. Com/health/guides/test/left-heart-ventricular-angiography/overview. Html.