Over 2012 I've had many ekgs, an echo, a stress test and blood work. Everything comes back ok except I have a fast heart rate. Why am I so fatigued?!?

See below. Will need to see a good doc to make you and your doc have covered the bases. If nothing can be found after extensive testing then you must consider depression / anxiety.

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Should I worry about my heart at age 28? Normal ekgs (just shows fast heartrate), normal echo shows normal function, stress test good, blood work good?

Normal data. At 28 with all that normal data, you should avoid smoking, eat a mediterranean diet, get aerobic exercise 30min, minimum daily and enjoy life.........
Exercise ; eat well. Sounds like your heart is in good shape from your tests. Prevention is always the best. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet (low fat, low cholesterol) to prevent any heart problems in the future. Some people have heart attacks at an early age. Genetics, poor diet, and lack of exercise often play a role.

Echo, X-ray, blood work, stress test all normal. Will take CCBs for the PVCs but worried about lowering heart rate at rest (avg rest rate 53).?

Can/bradycardia. There are several CCBs that will decrease PVCs very effectively, that when monitored properly will not significantly further lower your pulse. It's a matter of effectiveness vs side effects. I take it those PVCs are causing you symptoms? If not, in a healthy person with normal anatomical/functional heart there is no reason to treat these...

For a month I have had a fast heart rate, dizziness, drowsiness, and just feeling out of it. Blood work is ok, EKG is ok, heart looks ok. Whats wrong?

Look again - You may have an arrhythmia called inappropriate sinus tachycardia or another one called pots -- please find a good cardiologist locally to sort this out -- there is a treatment for this condition.
Revved Up. If there is no physical cause (such as heart or thyroid problems), these symptoms may be a sign of an anxiety disorder. In anxiety disorders the brain tells the body to stay in "panic" mode. Think of it like this - too much adrenaline when it is not needed, so the heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up, etc. Being in that state takes a lot of energy, which is why you feel tired and out-of-it.
Panic Attack. It sounds u r having panic attacks, see your PCP for evaluation and treatment.