My blood sugar can be 90-130mg/dl sometimes then 2-3 hours after eating can drop to as low as 60mg/gl. Is there a chance I have hypoglycemia?

4 reactive hypoglyce. Eat only meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry and low starch veggies, drink only water. In other words avoid all carbs, carbs will only briefly raise your sugar levels and then your Insulin levels. The fats in the meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry will act like a "log on your metabolic fire" to keep your blood sugar stable for hours without raising insulin.
Uncertain. Are you taking meds for diabetes as some will lower blood glucose? Otherwise, blood glucose following meal less than <60 on a consistent basis may suggest hyperinsulinemia which would require further testing. Have an endocrinologist be involved in making this diagnosis if this is a potential cause.