In between my toes itch very badly. I think it maybe cause that work water gets into my shoes. What can I use?

Fungal infection. Most likely your have tinea pedis or athlete's foot. This itching is due to the fungus growing in the skin and cracking and fissuring the skin. It may burn, itch and blister. The key to treatment is dryness and air. Dry your shoes out daily, wear absorbent socks and keep feet as dry as possible. To treat the foot infecion, try terbinafine otc or talnaftate and use daily for 2 weeks or more.
Keralyt. The antifungal cream will not penetrate if the area is thick. You can combine keralyt a peeling cream with the antifungal cream to increase penetration. If you do not keep feet dry the fungus will return quickly. In resistant cases an oral agent may be ne essay.