I prefer to be barefoot when inside, and lately my heels have cracked painfully. Any creams/remedies for this?

Urea based lotions. I would recommend the following routine until there is improvement: 1) use an over the counter urea based lotion to help remove the thickened dry skin (lachydrin, uremol) in the morning, and 2) at bedtime apply a greasy ointment to moisturize (vaseline/aquaphor) and cover with cotton socks before going to sleep. If there is minimal to no improvement in a few weeks see a dermatologist.
High potency. Urea creams are the best--i'm talking 40%+. If there is hard, callused skin, then that also needs to be cleaned up professionally for the urea cream to be able to help the best.
A moisturizer. Under occlusion. (place Saran wrap on your foot and then a sock before bedtime).
OTC urea. Otc creams with urea can help, before you go to bed apply urea cream liberally and put cotton socks on. Repeat nightly until desired resulets achieved, if after one week still no improvement see dermatologist.
Moisturizing creams. Any moisturizing creams should help; make sure you don't have athlete's foot as a cause. If the creams are not working try some otc Lamisil (terbinafine) cream twice daily for a week then resume the moisturizing creams; it this fails see a podiatrist. Ps: barefoot in grass, sand or earth allows you to pick up free electrons that energize and invigorate you by snapping up oxidation radicals in the body.