I know that rubbing orange peels on a acne scar can help it fade but I don't have oranges will clementines work?

Not a scar treatment. As a dermatologist I have never come across this in my training. Scars are not treated this easily; if they were they were not true scars to begin with and would have improved on their own regardless. By the way we can only improve scars depending on type and severity - never able to treat 100%. Good luck.
Citrus. I would think that any citrus peel would have a similar effect. Essential oils of citrus would probably be even more effective. You can get essential oil of orange from this website www.Docssuperoils.Com at wholesale prices. Retail prices at the local health food store.
Limonene. Limonene is the extract from orange peel it kills germs but can be taken orally 2drops or use 1drop with moisturizer yes clementine has these oils in them.

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Can you tell me if I could use orange peel, neem, turmeric and milk face pack for acne scars?

It won't work. No "pop" remedy will help. I'm sorry you ended up with acne scars in the first place. It means your disease was neglected -- all acne is manageable nowadays using scientific rx. If it was neglected because someone "believed in natural healing", i hope this helps you see through the sham. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon can use microsurgery, laser or filler to make the scars less visible. Read more...