I have a skin condition called rosacia. Would appreciate if some one could give me a good home remedy?

Dermatologist. Basic lifestyle modifications if your diagnosis is truly rosacwa and not another condition that may mimic rosacwa. 1). Strict sun protection with physical sunscreens only zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Everyday + hat outside. I like elta physical and vanicream spf 60. 2) avoid any identifiable triggers. 3) gentle cleansers and moisturizers (cerave and cerave pm). Likely you will need an rx.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have rosacea and i'm sorry i don't know of a home "remedy". You've probably discovered that too much sun, certain foods, and alcohol can aggravate it so keep a diary for when it flares and you may find other things to avoid. Otherwise, i'm afraid you'll need to bite the bullet and see your family doctor, something it sounds like you've been trying to avoid. Sorry.