Can an irregular heart beat be mistaken and be anxiety?

It can. . Arrhythmia can give you palpitations, speed up your heart rate and drop your blood pressure. The symptoms one feels could easily be confused with anxiety. The diagnosis can be made easily with an ekg or holter monitor study.
Yes. Anxiety is often described by sufferers as having heart palpitations. Of course it could be many things which an md should be consulted for, but yes anxiety could easily explain this symptom.

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I have anxiety plus having irregular heart beat, what to do?

Irregular heart beat. Need to undergo ekg, holter or event monitor to identify your arrhythmia. It should be treated. Anxiety could increase ventricular rate especially in the setting of irregular heart beat. Then you need to get antianxiety medications. Consult your physician to get systematic work-up. Also you need to check your thyroid harmone levels. Read more...

I was wondering is an irregular heart beat bad? Could it become deadly?

Perhaps. An ekg will help sort out the risk. An irregular heart beat may represent atrial fibrillation which can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and death. This is very serious but not all irregular beats are so serious. You should be checked out by your doctor. Read more...