The left cordate stroke, possible ischemic happened 6 years ago (no med's didn't know)can I have another stroke? I was 46 then always healthy lifestyle.

Yes. Once you've had an ischemic stroke, you are always at a higher risk for having another stroke. Its very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and pay very close attention to your health, especially stroke risk factors like cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars and to not smoke. If there is a family history of strokes, blood clots, heart attacks at young ages more work up may be required.
Always possible. Was there a search for a possible source of emboli to the brain? Heart valve lesions can be a source. Hypertension was another major risk factor. There can be abnormal shunts that allow clots from veins to get to cerebral arteries. Are you on any sort of anti-platelet meds? If there is no identifiable risk factor it is hard to assign a risk probability distinct from just getting older.