I am diabetic, and over weight but I have problem with my apatiat becouse icant control my self when it come to food what can I do?

Medical Weight Loss. To control appetite and improving eating pattern requires change in habits which will happen when you work with a weight loss specialist. He will help you control craving with particular food choices (more protein and less carb) and prescription medication with close physician monitoring will also help with appetite control.
△ Food Choices, Meds. Eating sugars & carbs is fundamental to driving diabetes mellitus. Go super low carb, no sugars (added to most processed foods), study nusi.Rog, eating academy, videos: “sugar: the bitter truth”, “the skinny on obesity”. Victoza (liraglutide) is the best med for type ii dm, reduces appetite & helps reverse, symlin next best add-on, best start very low once daily & self-titrate to response. Optimal hba1c ?5.0%.