Defibulator implanted in their heart, can that person have intercourse without a lot of fear?

Yes. A lot of people with icds have a normal sex life. Just make sure you tell your ep nurse that usually checks your icd to make sure that the detection rate for shocks should be adjusted so you can have a normal heart rate increase (i.e. Sinus tachycardia) with activities, including sex. She can easily program this into the icd to avoid inappropriate shocks.
Depends. The presence of the defibrillator itself is not the issue. Persons with a defibrillator have some type of heart disease, most commonly a weak heart muscle. The type of and extent of that disease would determine the advisability of exercise including sexual intercourse. So your physician needs to advise you. Would not want defibrillator to fire during sex, you know. That could be quite a shock!

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How can a doctor implant an automatic defibrillator in a heart?

ICD. for ICD and pacemakers the leads which actually contact the heart are put in through the veins. The actual battery and pulse/shock generator are put in subcutaneously by surgical incision. Read more...

Internal defibrillator implanted for VT with no structural heart disease, (idiopathic). Only 20 years old. Is longevity affected by this?

Ventricular Tachy. You need to discuss this with your cardiologist. Generally VT without structural or functional heart disease is low risk for shortening longevity. Without knowing more about you, it isn't possible to give you reassurance from out here. Read more...

Is it safe and necessary to have stress test with 25-30% heart muscle? Should I have defibrillator implanted?

Not on the internet. These are very good, valid and serious questions. But, they cannot be validly answered by a stranger on the internet who has no access to your health history, examination or current labs. Anyone who would be willing to give you a guess should probably be avoided. If you have concerns about your care you can discuss this with your family doctor or a second heart specialist. Read more...