No room on upper gums for wisdom teeth but allot of pain on both sides after gum ends and a taste of blood could they still be coming with no gum free?

Possible. Wisdom teeth can erupt partially with limited space in the back of the jaws. Often food gets trapped in these areas causing bacteria to collect. This causes inflammation, swelling, pain, sometimes bleeding and infection. Please consult a dentist or an oral surgeon for an evaluation of your wisdom teeth. Don't wait till you experience severe pain. Good luck.
Yes. They go through periods where they try to come in and then stop. At some point they will either break through or stop. With a panoramic x-ray or cat scan a dentist can usually tell if they will come in.
Many possibilities . Not possible to diagnose without clinical exam, but there are multiple possibilities. Given your age, it is very possible that your wisdom teeth are trying to erupt and could be causing issues. Other possibilities are periodontal (gum) infection, trauma to the gum tissue, etc. Best to be evaluated by your dentist.

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