When is it ok to feed my baby finger foods?

Finger foods. Finger foods can be introduced at age above 1 year, so that the baby may not choke on them.
8-9 months. There is no rigid rule on when finger foods are appropriate. Yet there are some useful guidelines. Once the baby can sit up unassisted, can hold her own cup or bottle, can use a palm or finger grasp, exhibits good head control, and reasonable hand-eye coordination--then she is a candidate for introducing finger foods. This typically all comes together around 8-9 months, but there is a wide range.
7-9 months. The aap advocates exclusive breastfeeding until 6mo. We realize this doesn't always happen, but generally the 5-6 mo period is rice cereal and oatmeal, dabbling in stage i. 6-7 months advances stage i and starts dabbling in stage ii. Depending on pincer grasp and coordination, mushy, gummable table foods or puffs can be given around 7mo, and up to 8-9 mo, when many start table foods.
9 months. In general, around 9 mo. This may be delayed for children with specific problems (eg. Prematurity or feeding/neurologic problems). Most babies are ready for more solid foods when they have a developed pincer grasp & can pick up a small cheerio with the first two fingers. Try something easy first, such as a fruit "puff" that's easy to dissolve. If your baby chokes, you may need to give it more time.