6 days late on my period, brownish discharge when I wipe and breast are not sore?

Probably period. The brown discharge was likely a light period. Brown is usually just old blood. I would check a home pregnancy test to make sure. If it continues for a few cycles then see your obgyn.

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My period is 2 days late and today I had light pink discharge. Symptoms: sore breasts, feel really tired and discomfort. Intercouse 2 weeks ago. Help?

Any chance of preg.? A doctor can check to see if there is a medical issue, if a woman has mild menstrual-related symptoms. Many women have some variation of their mucus discharge, their periods, or a missed period on occasion. Some women feel normal after a few days, but others have bothersome symptoms and follow-up with their doctors. A urine pregnancy test is accurate if done correctly, after a missed period.

Hi I'm 18 years old and my period is 9 days late. My breasts aren't sore and I have some form of period cramp for a short time every couple of days but nothing serious. There is also a off white, yellow discharge. However sometimes I feel like I have hear

Late period. If you are sexually active and have late period, pregnancy needs to be ruled out. Please do pregnancy test first. If it is negative, either wait for it to come or see your provider to start it medically.
DoHomePregnancyTest. If you have been having unprotected sex, then first thing you do is Home Pregnancy Test. If not then consult your Gynecologist and get checked as you may have an inffection.

What to do if I'm 8 days late on my period. Breasts have been tender for past 2 weeks. Light brown discharge for two days?

Pregnancy test. Only a pregnancy test can tell you if you are pregnant. It takes two weeks from conception (4 weeks from period) for most to turn positive. Check a pregnancy test in this time frame.

Have pcos (ttc), 4 days late on my period. Getting a spot of blood (once)with white discharge for 2 days. Cramping, tender breasts, neg hpt. Pls advice.?

Keep trying. There are many causes of cramping and tender breasts, but if your home pregnancy test is negative, that is a reliable indicator you are not currently pregnant. A white discharge might be a sign of a vaginal infection, so you should get that checked out.

I haven't had my period since March 27-31. I missed the entire month of April. I'm about three days late. I am having tender breast, white discharge, and cramps. I have these symptoms when im about to start my cycle.?

Could you be. Pregnant? Check pregnancy test if your period does not come or is abnormal.
Pregnancy test. If you had sex near time of ovulation, do a pregnancy test next week. They are not accurate till a week late. If no sex, see your Dr to discover why you skipped the cycle. Best!

My period was 6 days late. Then I had a very light brown discharge, followed by a light pinkish red. I have no cramps or tender breast. Am I pregnant?

Check PG test. When an ovulating women has unprotected sex, there's a possibility of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection (if not in a long-term disease free mutually monogamous relationship). Any change in the pattern of your period may indicate pregnancy. Check a pg test. Follow the instructions & be sure kit is not expired. If negative repeat in a week. If negative see MD if next period's abnormal.