Why some die immediately when they have an heart attack while some survive, have a bypass and live on?

Sudden death. 10-25% of heart attack deaths are from arrhythmias that occur within the first few hours after occlusion of a coronary artery which is the cause of a heart attack. This is a huge reason to get a person to a hospital early in the course of a suspected heart attack.
Heart attack. Great question! pretty ugh luck of the draw. For almost 50% of people the first sign of heart disease will be sudden death... If you survive, the ultimate treatment will depend upon many factors... So it is very important to have yourself checked out before you have a dramatic event. It's a lot easier to change the oil then to rebuild the engine :-)).

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My whole family has heart related problems (like stunt, bypass, heart attack), what precaution could I take in regards to food, exercise, lifestyle?

Modifiable risk. Hi. Genes play a large role in risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), and you're stuck with your genes. Minimize modifiable ASCVD risk factors: don't smoke, treat cholesterol/lipid problems, eat a heart healthy diet, get lifelong regular aerobic exercise, treat high blood pressure, control diabetes. Live healthy! Good luck! Read more...

My dad is 60 yrs old nd is having heart bypass in a few days due to a massive heart attack. Hes on a ventilator for a few days before will he be ok?

Massive heart attack. Honestly this sounds very concerning. Bypass surgery is done very commonly and safely but it is very different in the setting of an acute massive heart attack making it more risky. I would recommend discussing what the risks are with his doctors. Also, if this is your biological father I would be discussing with your own doctors the potential for you to also be at risk for heart disease yourself. Read more...