Which vitamins and supplements are good for people who has high cholesterol and heart problems in the family?

Depends. It depends on what part of your cholesterol panel is high: fish oil, specifically dha and epa, have been shown to reduce triglycerides. They do not lower ldl, nor do they raise the HDL if the triglycerides are not elevated. Dha and epa may help reduce the risk of a second heart attack, but they haven't been shown to prevent the 1st one. Most vip: all fish oils have variable amounts of dha/epa.
Fish Oil. Fish oil since it helps decrease triglycerides. And vitamin D3 since it reduces vascular calcification.
Carnitine and B. Carnitine will lower triglycerides, increase hdl, provide energy for heart muscle b vitamin -b6 helps with gallbladder able to make and thin bile from cholesterol.

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I had an ooph which I believe increases heart problems, plus high cholesterol, now I am on calcium & strontium r, are these triple risks for my heart?

Women and heart. Estrogen seems to protect women from heart disease until menopause. Other primary risk factors are family hx of heart disease, smoking, hypertension and obesity.

I have high cholesterol but normal to low blood pressure whats my risk for heart problems?

Low. Probably lower than you think. Look up Framingham Risk Calculator on line and fill in your data. I guess your 10 yr risk of heart disease is 7.5%.

I am having heart problems. My doctor told me a while ago I had high cholesterol and my heart has been hurting for a couple days now. What should I do?

Check up. This does not sound like a heart issue, but you should go get it checked out by your doctor. High cholesterol is a risk factor, like having a family history of heart problems, or getting older. It is not a sign of a heart condition. Pain in your chest can be caused by many things and you will need to give you doctor more information and have an exam to know what the cause is.

Can a statin be used I for heart problems other than high cholesterol?

No. Heart problems come in a lot of varieties like rhythm and rate irregularities, damage to the heart muscle it self, infections and many other causes. A statin is not indicated for these problems only as an adjunct to lower lipids that contribute to arterial blockage.

Can vitamins and minerals help the heart problems brought on with Marfan's syndrome?

No. There are no vitamin or mineral supplements that can help with the heart problems in Marfan syndrome.
Marfan's. Marfan's is a genetic syndrome, vitamins and minerals aren't likely to hurt a patient but won't necessarily make a difference to the marfan's manifestations.

Are vitamin supplements good for the heart to slow down its damaging effects when a person consumes a fatty meal?

No. Vitamins won't do anything to protect your heart in the scenario described. No vitamin has been shown to exercise heart protective effect. In fact, in a recent study it was shown that people who take some vitamins for "general health" were shown to have an increased risk of death.

27 years old, BP usually 10/8, heart rate usually 80-100, no family history of heart problems, smoking, 60 kg, no diabetics, not know cholesterol le?

Unclear. It's unclear as to the nature of your question. Are you worried about your chest pain and presenting to us your risk factors? To better be able to answer any questions you have, you need to make the question a bit more clear. Best of luck.