Hi, I feel very dizzy after I get up, and after that aswell, I also feel cold feel lightheaded my head hurts. With that my eyes also hurt as well and?

Bleeding? You need an evaluation now. You are hypovolemic, your blood volume low. Your blood pressure low and heart rate likely fast to compensate. You need to know why now. I would not wait till tomorrow.
Dizziness. Dizziness upon standing can be normal or it could be a sign of low heart rate, low blood pressure, or other issues. You should be evaluated by a regular doctor.

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Feel light headed all the time. Get dizzy at times. When I focus on what I'm working on get real light headed and head hurts along with eyes.

Vitamin D. Symptoms and signs cover a variety of illnesses; migraine, farsightedness& eye muscle imbalance. But the most common cause of non-serious dizziness and light-headedness in my practice is vit- d deficiency which if very low, will need one injection followed by oral vitamin d. Of course you should have the regular tests for this, eg mri, and blood test for systemic illnesses and an eye exam. Read more...