I'm concerned my 10 yo daughter may have add. Not focused, very flighty & all over place. Don't want to wait for pediatrician. Who else can diagnose?

Wait for pediatricia. It pays to wait for your appointment with your pediatrician. Others who can help with diagnosisi are child psychologists, school psychologists who can perform psychoeducational testing.
Child Psychiatrist. A child psychiatrist can do a thorough evaluation of the difficulties your daughter is having, make a diagnosis, and if need be, prescribe medications effectively. From a little different vantage point, a behavioral neurologist would be able to do this also. Plus there are child psychologists who can diagnose this as well -- but usually cannot prescribe medications if those are needed..
Many. Qualified professionals trained in diagnosing add/adhd can include clinical psychologists, physicians, or clinical social workers. The wait time for other professionals could be as long or longer. Good luck.