What can I do to relieve swollen legs, it's due to my heart condition and is a little uncomfortable at times?

It depends. You have to determine if your swollen legs are due to blood clot, congestive heart failure, chf, or venous insufficiency. The treatment is very different for each of these conditions.
Could be lymphedema. As dr. Jost said, there are many possible causes for swelling that aren't related to the heart. One of the other possibilities is lymphedema. If this is the cause of your swelling, compression with circ-aids should be strongly considered.
Use compression. Compression hose 20-30 mm mercury compression, thigh length, with the help of a butler to help get them on. Circ-aid (juxta-lite) may be easier for you to put on. Elevation of your legs (higher than your heart) may help. Make sure that you do not have venous abnormalities of legs, and seeking help of phlebologist may be helpful.