Do studies exist confirming use of fish oil for ADHD and bipolar?

Yes. Http://www. Psycheducation. Org/depression/meds/omega-3.htm. There's a study about fish oil. Also, the japanese eat the highest proportion of fish in their diet and have a low incidence of bipolar disorder. In my experience, 3-4 grams per day is needed for a few months before one notices much improvement. Severe cases of bipolar respond less well.
Very mixed data. Some studies have shown some benefit, others have shown no benefit. Most agree that fish oil should not be used as the only therapy, but in addition to more conventional treatments. Fish oil can potentially affect the body's ability to form clots, so it is recommended to stop it at least 2 weeks before any elective surgery or major dental procedure.
Yes, BUT. There are now multiple studies confirming use of fish oil in people with adhd and bipolar disorder. However, the studies show positive results with formulations high in epa but not with those high only in dha. (both epa & dha are components of fish oil that you can read on the label). Use a brand that's distilled to remove contaminants, and with a ratio of at least 2 epa/dha in least # of caps.

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Started taking fish oil for bipolar/depression. Seem to have increased anxiety and fatigue? Normal? Will it subside?

Maybe. Although very little literature support exists for this adverse effect, I have observed this side effect in specific families at a very high rate. If you're like those folks, it won't subside. Since using omega-3 for bipolar/depression, it may interfere with other meds taken, but there is minimal data to support benefit in this setting. Best to discontinue, if symptoms go away, try something else.
Interesting question. Research data does support the use of omega-3's in bipolar depression: http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/21903025. In these, omega-3's have usually been added to other treatments. Incidence of mania/hypomania was low, but can conceivably happen. Additives or contaminants in some fish oil products could be an issue also. Please work with your own physician on all mood concerns.
Insufficient data. Whether the studies showing this are accurate is very problematic. Strongly suggest that you consult again with the psychiatrist treating your bipolar disorder. There are multiple ways of approaching this and an expert in this area can surely help you. Good luck and hope you improve soon.

Does fish oil supplements help improve the attention span in ADHD children?

Fish oil no help. Fish oil does not improve the attention span in adhd children.
There was one large. Study that showed that giving both omega 3 & omega 6 helps children with adhd who are being treated with stimulants.

Does 1000 mg of fish oil really help ADHD when given with prescription meds?

?? I'm not aware of any added benefit of adding fish oil to prescription adhd medication.
Ther was one large. Study that showed that giving both omega 3 & omega 6 helps children with adhd who are being treated with stimulants.

My son takes methlyphenidate for ADHD, can he also take fish oil?

Yes. There is one. Study that showed a modest improvement in ADHD symptoms in children for whom Omega 3 & Omega 6 were added to their stimulant regimen. For multimodal treatment including behavior therapy & environmental manipulations at home & school, including "Section 504" classroom modifications, see CHADD. Org.
SqueezetheFishTight! Anyone say he couldn't eat fish? Feed him the real thing, if you can afford it, like salmon (m-m-m-m, yummy!) twice a week. And maybe the caps once or twice a week. Just don't overdo it without the advice of his doctor. Please try and make sure whatever you buy isn't riddled with toxins like mercury--it's sometimes hard to find out--look at the labels and ask the grocer. Any doubt, pass it up.
Assuming no allergy. Check out http://www. Drugs. Com/interactions-check. Php? Drug_list=1606-0, 1749-3873 which didn't list any blatant interaction between methylphenidate and fish oil. However, it's always best to chat with & inform his prescribing doctor of everything you're giving him, eg all dietary supplements as well as medications prescribed by other doctors.

How many grams of fish oil is needed for 14 year old w severe adhd?

Unknown. There is no evidence proven method to indicate that fish oil helps for adhd. Sorry to let you know that.
One large study. Showed that vitamin d3 + d6 daily slightly improved adhd symptoms when given together along with optimal multi-modal treatment; i.e., daily doses of stimulants, behavior management therapy & environmental manipulations (e.g., a distraction-free place to study at home & a " section 504" at school). See chadd. Org. Excessive levels of vitamin d can have adverse effects. Rec. Dose is 600 iu daily.

Am I wasting my money on fish oil if taking 1g/day for health, family history of heart dx, and adhd/mood? 30yo healthy female

Probably. None of the conditions you mention are positively impacted by omega-3 oils. Most research has shown no significant impact of using omega-3 oils. There's a tiny impact (when the benefit of stimulants are removed from the computer model) for adhd, but in no way does it replace usually prescribed medication.
Hard to tell. Some pts report improved mood and temperament on o3fa, but these are individual report cases, in controlled studies it pales in comparison to medication and intervention...If it helps take it as adjunct therapy, but do not use it to replace time tested, well studied medications, and/or interventions, ie counselling, behavioral therapy, diet and exercise. Better still forget o3fa and enjoy some grill fish.