My uvula is stuck to my left tonsil, really painful to swallow.

See a doctor. You should go and see somebody professional, preferably an ENT doctor asap. This may be infected, and is in an area in which spread to other vital areas may occur quickly. Please go and see someone soon.
Peritonsillar absces. You may have a peritonsillar abscess or uvulitis. See an md for an evaluation or take a picture and post.

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I have had the flu a couple of weeks ago, I got better and now my left tonsil is very enlarged. I hurts to open my mouth and is painful to swallow.

Large tonsil. The symptoms you are describing are concerned for a possible peri-tonsillar abscess. That's when there is a collection of pus behind one tonsil. It typically causes a lot of pain on one side, it's hard to open your mouth because of pain and your voice will sound muffled. We call that a "hot potato" voice. Once you have the symptoms you are compaining of, you really need to have this evaluated. Read more...