My mom was recently told she has a very mild leaky heart valve no meds were prescribed, what should she do?

Nothing! Virtually 100% of us have some leaking of their valves. It's never serious unless there's severe leaking. Even then, there are no drugs to use and it takes decades in many cases to become significant. Fear not!
Nothing. Very mild leakage of a heart valve by echocahrdiogram is very common and can be seen normally. We commonly see such leakage in a high percentage of normal people involving for instatnce the tricuspid valve. So it is likely that nothing needs to be done.

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What questions should we ask when my mom goes to talk the surgeon about getting a heart valve replacement?

Several. Make sure you are at a place where they do a lot of valve surgery. You should ask what kind of valve they will use and why. In some cases, that determines whether you will need to stay on anticoagulant medication. Can the valve be repaired rather than replaced? Especially if it is the mitral valve, sometimes a repair is preferred but not every hospital is prepared to do that surgery.
Many questions. Ask about personal experience, outcomes (survival, stroke rate, renal failure, sternal infection rate), length of stay post-op, type of valve used (biological vs. Mechanical), possibility of valve repair rather than replacement (depending on the valve involved). Get benchmark numbers from the society of thoracic surgeons (sts) website or http://www. Hospitalcompare. Hhs. Gov.

Which questions should we ask when my mom goes to talk the surgeon about getting a heart valve replacement?

Many. They should provide you with details about the surgery. What is important to you is the average length of stay and the surgeon's mortality and morbidity risk compared to standard. Common scoring systems are ats and euroscore. Please provide risk for a particular patient and are often used to compare to standard.

I have been having front upper left chest pain and dizziness. I have family history of heart problems. My mom has a bad heart valve and an aortic aneurysm. I have no health insurance currently. What would be your best advice?

Chest pain. Better to get checked with a family history of heart problems. Ask your local hospital or physicians to help you out in setting up a payment plans.
A free health clinic. If you can't afford to see a cardiologist there are a number of places where you can be seen for very little. You may have to show that you can't afford to pay.