My mom in hospital 30 days. Signs, symptoms of peptic ulcer's. Ruptured. Bleed to death there. It was known but not mentioned. Avoidable. Why was surgery, treatment, advising not done? Thanks.

I am very sorry. I am truly so sorry for your loss. Understanding why may help ease the hurt, anger. Active bleeding ulcers can have a 10-14 percent mortality, & esophageal perforation, producing even greater rates. Medicine that prevent bleeding from stopping, such as motrin, don't help the situation. Making sure nothing congenital present, like a bleeding disorder, may help prevent this tragedy from recurring.
Well, uh. The stress of an operation or hospitalization can increase the risk of an ulcer. Why was she there? Was she on non steroidal, or steroidal drugs? Was she getting a medication for her stomach? Who knew and didn't mention ( about the ulcers). There is a lot 2 this question. Death from GI bleed from an ulcer during hospitalization would require close exam of record to determine negligence.