hi.. My son is 2.5 yr old n i want him to be smart n healthy which is the best food for him at this stage to make him physically and mentally strong?


Lucky boy!

I should probably refer you to my daughters, because they, like you, are much more attentive to their sons' diets than I was to theirs. However, I did teach, "Eat when you're hungry; stop when you're full." Introduce a variety of legumes (peas) & other vegetables early & model good food choices yourself at sit-down family meals. Avoid "fast"& pre-packaged foods, random snacking & sugary drinks.
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Healthy variety!

It's interesting, but many toddlers will self-select a healthy variety of foods if offered a range of different foods. Toddlers need lots of nutrients - including good sources of protein - to help their brains and bodies grow. Eggs, chicken, cheese are good examples. Think of foods THEY can control - like vegetables dipped in hummus, or fruits with yogurt dips. Forcing toddlers doesn't work well!
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Veggies! Whole foods

Make sure that he is getting 5-8 servings of a variety of vegetables daily. Avoid sugar and processed food as much as possible! Whole foods such as sweet potatoes and brown rice are great sources of energy . Several servings per day of season fruits make healthy snacks and desserts!
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