I had an ablation and tubal ligation 5 years ago. I'm considering a tubal reversal. What are my risks and success rate of having a healthy baby?

Probably. In my experience, 80-90% of tubal ligations can be reversed and generally with good results. I respectfully agree with the last answer and most skilled reproductive surgeons have excellent results with ectopic rates of 5% or less and pregnancy rates in the 60-70+% range depending on age. Surgery can be done as an outpatient with an overnight stay. Hope this helps.
Ablation Pregnancy. The purpose of an endometrial ablation is to destroy the function of the uterine lining. This lining is where the pregnancy gains its blood supply and nourishment from the mother. Unless your ablation was unsuccessful and you are still having normal periods your chance of miscarriage is extremely high. Microsurgical tubal reversal performed by a skilled surgeon is know to be as high as 80%.
Ablation. You will need an evaluation of your uterine cavity prior to attempting pregnancy or tubal reversal. Many tubal ligations can be reversed, however the cavity after ablation may be damaged permanently. See a fertility specialist regarding your chances after the evaluation. Good luck.
Depends. Your ablation reduces your ability to conceive as well. Please make an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist or an infertlility doctor to discuss.