I have mild carpal tunnel. Doctor says I need a wrist brace. I have tremors in my pinkies. What type and/ or brand of wrist brace do you recommend?

See below. The proper splint for carpal tunnel syndrome is called a neutral wrist splint. This keeps the wrist in a so called neutral position, no flexed or extended. The splint should be worn at night all night. If the symptoms do not improve after 6 weeks, daytime wear as well can be tried. If no improvement, other approaches in include cortisone injections and surgery if it worsens. Weight loss also helps.
Carpal tunnel brace. A physical therapist should be able to fit you for a wrist brace, they usually work well, particularly at night in keeping the wrist extended.

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The doctor told me I have carpal tunnel and to wear a wrist brace and take aleve (naproxen). How else can I releve pain in my shoulder and neck?

See details. Neck and shoulder pain is not related to carpal tunnel syndrome. Get another opinion.
Physical therapy. Physical and occupational therapist can help you out. If you have the money (or your insurance covers it), see a chiropractor may be helpful. Conservative therapy at first before doing something major is always recommended.

I have constant pain in my left wrist (and lately the right too). When I wake up most of my hand is numb or tingly. It takes 10 minutes to an hour for the feeling to come back. Could this be carpal tunnel? Should I see a doctor?

Carpal tunnel. It does sound like carpal tunnel syndrome. Just check exactly which fingers go numb, (usually index, middle and ring finger). You should then see the doctor for help, who's may uses wrist braces, or refer for an op to release the carpal tunnel.
Carpal tunnel. Syndrome likely. See neurilogist and wear wrist splint in the interim.
You should. See your physician as this could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Your physician can perform physical exam and order tests if needed.
Neuro eval. You more than likely have a compression neuropathy potentially carpal tunnel syndrome. Please see a neurologist for further evaluation; an EMG or ultrasound may be in order.