How common is it for the femoral artery to be punctured during a heart cath and then need surgery to repair?

Uncommon. Femoral artery aneurysm or pseudoaneuyrsm formation at the site of left heart catheterization is very uncommon, less than 1% of cases in the hands of an experienced interventional cardiologist.
1% Bleeding at the puncture site occurs at approximately 1% of femoral catheterizations. There is a recent trend which originated in europe to perform cardiac catheterization from the radial artery approach. This almost completely eliminates the risk of bleeding from the puncture site.

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How common is a femoral artery injury during a heart cath that needs surgery to repair?

Fairly rare. About 15-20 % of all femoral artery catheterizations have some type of complication, either bleeding or clotting. Much fewer than this actually require surgery. Read more...