If lipid profile and blood pressure are ok on medicine, is any possibility heart attack?

Sure. Sure you can still have a heart attack; it doesn't affect other risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, age, genetics, and obesity.
Yes. Although controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol will reduce the chances of complications, it does not assure that you could not get a heart attack. We occasionally see heart attacks in patients who have few or no risk factors.

Related Questions

How high does blood pressure get before a heart attack?

It doesn't. Although high blood pressure is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, there is no evidence that there is an acute rise in blood pressure prior to a heart attack.
Not a direct cause. No number is the "magic number" but very high pressures (for example >200/>110) when associated with angina are considered a "hypertensive emergency" and should be promptly treated. Symptoms of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, or encephalopathy (confusion) are the key symptoms of a hypertensive crisis.
Varies. High blood pressure over years damages blood vessels leading to things like stroke & heart attack. BP > 140/90 over time increases the risk for these problems. The longer the time and the higher the blood pressure, the > risk. No hard and fast cut off. If the blood pressure goes up quickly to very high levels (> 180/110 or so) can cause problems like heat failure, stroke more suddenly, .

How high can blood pressure get before a heart attack occurs?

BP varies... Varies. It can be very high due to pain and a feeling of dread. It can be low if the heart is weak due to a large heart attack.
Depends. This is very individual. If you have had high blood pressure for a long time, your body is used to it and may tolerate it longer. If you for example take Cocaine or other drugs that raise your blood pressure suddenly, even a small increase can give you a heart attack. No guarantees either way..

How high can blood pressure rise before someone has a heart attack or dies?

Different. Severe acute hypertension can cause tear of aorta and sudden death or need for emergency surgery. Can happen anytime with elevated bp but scary at 180 systolic and 120 diastolic. Can also cause left ventricular strain and hypertrophy and heart failure but usually not a heart attack acutely.

Can high blood pressure cause heart attack?

Not the main. Hypertension causes left ventricular hypertrophy and strain and heart failure. Concomitant coronary disease can occur and infarction can happen hypertension is also asso. With aortic tear-dissection and that can involve coronaries and cause infarction. More to the entire story but that' s a start.

Can my high blood pressure lead to a heart attack?

Yes. High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for heart attacks. If you have it, take steps to keep it under control with health diet, regular exercise, weight loss if needed, limited alcohol consumption, avoidance of tobacco and medications if needed. You should also find out what other risk factors for heart attack or stroke you have and address them as well.
Yes. Yes eventually it will contribute to an increased risk.

Why does high blood pressure cause a heart attack?

Atherosclerosis. Hypertension is a major cause of atherosclerosis which may cause heart attacks.
May not. Many people with high BP do not have heart attacks. The heart is strained and hypertrophied, and in the presence of atherosclerosis may have obstruction and dissection, or plaque disruption to create a heart attack.

Do I need to have high blood pressure to have a heart attack?

No. Independent variables that can happen together but not always.
No. High blood pressure is only one risk factor for heart attack. Others include smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, age, and family history of heart disease. It is such a common problem, there are some patients that have none of these risk factors, but still have heart attacks.