What can I do for nail problems during pregnancy?

Moisterize. No gelatin or vitamin will make any difference. Never push or cut your cuticles. Rub in a cream frequently, especially after in water.
Nail Problems. Pay a visit to the salon and enjoy having those swollen feetbuffed and shined. Make sure the salon is well-ventilated to avoid fumes (pregnant women are extra-sensitive). Apply lotion to your hands and cuticles liberally, and avoid moisture-sucking polish removers. Cut nails short and rounded, and keep an emery board handy to deal with broken and split tips. Gelatin capsules and prenatal vitamins.
Depends. Depends on problem. See dermatologist to discuss options.
Tell your doctor. Nail growth and nail conditions may occur during pregnancy. It is recommended that if you notice any abnormalities with nail growth or experience nail discoloration please consult your doctor in order to evaluate further. Vitamin deficiencies can manifest as brittle nails and these may need to be further evaluated.