What cough medicine is best for patients that have CHF congestive heart failure?

No perfect answer. Probably best to avoid combination medicines which contain pseudoephedrine, which many do. This speeds up your heart. Diphenhydramine (benedryl) can dry up secretions. However, it is important to understand that the cough may be due to the chf. Also medications commonly used to treat CHF (ace inhibitors - often end with. Pril) can sometimes cause a chronic dry cough. Talk to your md.
None, really. Coughing is related to having fluid in the lungs. It is not going to respond to a cough suppressant or expectorant. It responds to diuretics, which help to remove the fluid from the lungs.

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What does it mean if a patient with congestive heart failure has cyanosis coupled with liver and kidney failure?

Treat it fast. This organs all are affecting each other. Congestive heart failure affects liver and both cause kidney problem. It's possible to control heart, liver and kidney failure by specific measures and medications in most of the cases.

Congestive heart failure I was diagnosed with CHF and a 80 percent block of the right coronary artery my ejection fraction is up to 55-60 from 25-30 I still get tired and short of breath not getting answers from my doctor could that be from the block any

That. That is great news that your ejection fraction (ef) has improved that much, as that is directly correlated with your overall long term prognosis. You clearly are still symptomatic though. If you find that your shortness of breath continues, it is certainly possible that the stenosis in your right coronary artery is the culprit, although without knowing more information it is hard to say definitively. My best advice to you is to find a physician that will answer your questions and communicate with you so that you may understand your care. Heart disease is complex and involves the interplay of many factors, and an excellent relationship with your cardiologist can be the most important one.

Do doctors see a lot of patients with congestive heart failure?

Yes. Sadly, congestive heart failure, which is a complex syndrome that occurs for a variety of reasons & causes symptoms of fluid retention in the lungs and legs, breathlessness, and fatigue remains a common and frequently encountered problem seen in virtually all fields of medicine. It is usually treated by family docs, internists, and cardiologists.
More and more. Pts are going to the dr less often and not being picked up until late. The family drs often mistake CHF for a pulmonary process ie bronchitis or asthma and have the pt go thru several rounds of antibiotcs. Hypertension is a leading cuase and is often asymptomatic and pts dont realize they have had it for yrs until they get pulmonary edema.

If a patient has congestive heart failure, will there be elevated Troponin levels?

Well... Troponin levels if they are elevated mean there is damage, acute to the heart muscle. In heart failure that is not controlled this is more likely. Please consult your cardiologist and talk about it.

Is weight loss a sign of worsening condition in a patient with congestive heart failure?

It can be. Weight loss can reflect appropriate dietary changes, salt reduction, and colirc reduction that may be beneficial if part of one's heart failure status is due to obesity and obesity related conditions. However, in severe, advanced heart failure, weight loss can be a sign of cardiac cachexia, suggestive of a worsened prognosis.

I am a congestive heart failure patient, I have been noticing that my wheezing has gotten worse in the recent months. Am not sure how to improve this?

Measure weight, TTYD. Wheezing may be sign of fluid accumulating in the lungs. Hopefully you or a caregiver are monitoring your weight to see if you are gaining fluid. Often the lungs is where it starts (& the last place to leave). If you haven't tracked your weight, see your cardiologist soon. If you have, & your weight is stable, you may be developing another problem like bronchitis or asthma. Use HealthTap Prime. GL.

Will patients with congestive heart failure die within 5 years?

Not necessarily. With good healthcare and, good lifestyle choices (limit salt, weight loss, no smoking, etc) people can live long lives even with a history of chf. There are excellent medications to help the heart beat more efficiently, decrease fluid, and help people feel much better.
Some; not usually. Modern treatment has changed the game completely, but requires seeing a heart failure specialist. Also strongly dependent of cause of heart failure, e.g., coronary disease, viral, hypertensive, drug induced, valvular, metabolic, inflitrative, etc., and whether there are reversible components. Need to see a physician who manages heart failure; ask your doctor to whom he would send his mother.