Dealing w/lupus & constantly dealing w/dizzy spells lately. Getting worse &more frequent requiring higher doses of prenisone. Rheum & neuromd baffled. Rheummd is considering methotrexate. Might this help?

You are what you eat. Obviously, your immune system is raved up against your own cells. Something causes this abnormal stimulation. I always start with anti-inflammatory diet for my patients with RA as well as anti-inflammatory supplements.
It could . This is based on the assumption that the dizziness is due to the systemic lupus erythematous. You might need a better definition of the dizziness. And we are missing information on the data that says you have increased activity in the lupus. There are a variety of neurologic testing and imaging, as well as laboratory studies that my help. But always consider whether it is due to lupus or not.