I am walking/jogging on a treadmill for an hour through the week. What else can I do to lose the weight?

Cardio Mix. If you have adipose tissue that you'd like to lose then consider an increase in cardio and a balanced diet. However, do not always do the same exercise or you will increase your risks for stress injuries. Mix things up with running, biking, swimming, or circuit training. Ultimately you need to burn more than you consume.
Much more. For good longterm sustained weight loss you need the following: 1 acid free diet (no sodas, limit carbs to 1cup/meal); 2. Filtered water at least 8 glasses per day; 3. Supplementation with high quality vit/min supp; 4 exercise 30-60min per day; 5 special supplements to speed things up such as coenzyme q10, ribose and others. www.medacpc.com.