How can a person who is highly prone to becoming overweight due to their genetics live an enjoyable life style?

Break the cycle! Even with a genetic predisposition to obesity, you can change your mind set and lifestyle and live a happy, healthy life at a healthy weight! See a preventative health physician to make sure your thyroid, sugar, and cholesterol are all in good range, then get on a daily gentle exercise routine and map out healthy meals and snacks for at least a week at a time. You can do it! Good luck!
Change what you enjo. Change what you enjoy in life. If you are highly prone to weight gain genetically then you want to focus your life enjoyment on anything but food. For instance sports, outdoors, travel, reading, volunteerism, community activism.
May not be genetics. sounds like you are in an unhappy place. From a mental standpoint, the best thing for you is to find a good therapist who knows cognitive behavioral therapy. From a medical standpoint you need to find a physician with expertise in nutrition and weight loss so you can understand the best way for you to achieve your goals, And that will include a painless exercise program.
Me too. I have the same issue. So do millions. You're not alone! there's no cure or easy answer. Weight control is a life long struggle. Join a group, buy a book, read the internet, stay with the program. Exercise daily. Try to be a vegetarian. You may never get to a perfect weight but you can avoid worsening severity. We are all in this together! good luck (and happy thanksgiving! :d).