I have problems with gallbladder all tests normal but tender to touch my urine sample has showed blood and lecuotes is that anything to do with it?

No. Leukocytes and blood in the urine signifies a urinary tract infection. I would make sure to see your pcp or go to the er to be placed on antibiotics. For your gallbladder i would make sure you have a hida scan to make sure you don't have biliary dyskinesia which can cause tenderness even if you don't have gallstones.
Biliary colic . Gallbladder aka biliary colic generally right sided, above the umbilicus, lasts 20 mins or longer, associated nausea and occasional vomiting. There are a small % of patients who experience the pain on the left side. Fatty foods make it worse. Urine with blood and leukocytes may be kidney stone or infection. Your doc may order tech hida, and or ct scan to help decide. You may have both. Good luck.
No. Blood in urine most commonly caused by urinary infection. Could also be due to kidney stones. Also could be related to problem of ureters or kidney. If gallbladder ultrasound and liver blood tests normal, a hida scan can check to see if the gallbladder is functioning correctly.