I took differ rent antidepressants for 2 weeks but I stoped everything now but my menstrual cycle is late now for 13 days what could be happening?

Mostly un related. It is very unlikely that the antidepressants are related to your menstrual irregularity. Menstruation is sensitive to disruption of the so called hpa axis which is involved in anxiety and mood disorders. So anxiety and depression are at times associated withmestrual irregularities. On the other hand, therecold be other physical underlying causes, so check with your doctor for that . Feel better.
Irreg menses. Strong emotional disturbances can trigger loss of mense for months or cause all kids of changes [lengthening, shortening, or miss it altogether]. Plus the use of many antidep and stop all suddenly show you are extremely perturbed and totally lost in your life, acting irrationally against your doctor's advice. A good doc would have warned you never to stop any brain med suddenly.
Well. Periods can be off for many reasons. Menstrual abnormalities can be noted in anxiety disorders, generally among those losing weight. There is no direct relationship with the drugs.