I have been diagnosed and undiagnosed with graves disease/hyperthyroidism since 2008 based on va, using outdated test ranges. Could I be suffering from it?

Graves' Disease. Graves' Disease can cause intermittent hyperthyroidism, and be hard to diagnose in some patients. Seeing ONE doctor who can follow you longterm is important; an Endocrinologist would be a good choice for this. Ask if tests for antibodies to the TSH Receptor have been done, or could be done. Testing thyroid labs regularly and getting educated about symptoms to get tested for off schedule may help.
Right now. The most important thing for you to know is what is happening with regard to your thyroid right now. What is your TSH and what are your thyroid hormone levels? Are you symptomatic in terms of hyperthyroidism (fast heart rate, palpitations, sweats, tremors, diarrhea)? If so, you will want to establish care with a good internist in consultation with an endocrinologist to control your thyroid.
See a doctor. Maybe consider seeing a different doctor or a doctor that is outside the va system. Blood work will need to be taken to help diagnose the issue (tsh, thyroid hormone levels etc.) your doctor will determine if you have any symptoms from the hyperthyroidism. Good luck.
May need specialist. Outdated test ranges should not make the diagnosis so confusing. The interpretation of thyroid tests and the diagnosis of graves may be beyond the ability of some primary care practitioners. Ask your pcp to refer you to an endocrinologist or an internist who is knowledgeable in thyroid disorders.