I have headache with ear ache and swollen jaw, what could this be?

Dental abscess. As described it is likely an infection around the base of a tooth (=dental abscess), or possibly an obstruction of the parotid gland in your cheek that makes saliva. Either swell up and cause pain. Usually either can be addressed by your regular doctor or in an urgent care center. A dentist can also often address both conditions as well.
Infection. But it can also be a cyst. Your post did not say you long you have the swelling or if you have been treated recently by a dentist. Now is the time to call your dentist for an appointment for diagnosis & treatment.
A few things. The swollen jaw suggests infection. Other problems like tumors of the jaw or saliva gland can give the same symptoms. Best advice is to see a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon for exam/diagnosis/treatment recommendations.

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I have a headache with ear ache and a swollen jaw, what could this be?

MAY BE INFECTION. May be you have an abscess of the face, but it needs to be checked to make diagnosis, it may be something else as well.
Viral infection. From the sparse details given, I can reasonably conclude you are suffering from a viral infection (common at this time of year). Ear aches and accompanied swollen lymph nodes in the neck area are not uncommon. If you start to have a significant fever, an md consult would be of benefit.
Infection. Sounds like an oral or jaw infection. See oral surgeon ASAP.

I am experiencing ear itch, ear ache, burning hot sensation, ear swelling, ear peeling, swollen behind ear and side of jaw. Back of head headache.?

Needs to be checked. With all these symptoms in ear and jaw and pain in back of head. It is possible it is due to an infectious process somewhere in ear or jaw. I suggest you make an apt with your doctor and get it checked.

I have a swollen painful lump behind my right ear that just appeared from nowhere and there's bruising. No head trama, ear ache just headaches?

Probably infected gl. Sounds like infection of either sebaceous gland or hair follicle, If it is painful you might benefit from antibiotic. I gets bigger and does not respond to medicine may need to be lansed.

Discovered small lump near/in front of right ear. It's painful and swollen. Causing headaches, eye/ear ache, and dizziness. What could it be?

Lymph node. You may have a small swollen lymph gland...minor infection. If it becomes hard and immobile then, I'd have it checked out. You may just try placing something cold on it to see if the swelling would go down. You may feel better. You may also end up with a sore throat or some other pharyngeal type of infection.