I ve chronic cough, 2 yr+ which has caused severe urinary incontinence, now, any advice how this can be rectified other then pf exercises +use pads?

See a gynecologist. Urinary incontinence is very common and there are many treatments available. The treatment depends on the cause of the leaking. Newer treatment available over the last few years are highly successful. Your gynecologist can do the necessary testing or refer you to someone who can more completely evaluate your symptoms.
Cough incontinence. Lets figure out the cough first. Many possible causes including allergies, asthma or acid reflux. This aggravates or exacerbates incontinence which can be treated perhaps with kegel exercises, medication or even surgery.
Here are some ... You need to deal with & control chronic cough first through joint care from allergist and pulmonologist. Afterwards, surgical correct may be attempted with realistic expectation since Doctors have never cured people but help them with lifestyle -/+ drugs/surgery to improve their internal + external environs for self-healing toward optimal functional recovery with their own residual strength...