I have persistent burning pain, weeknes, tingling sensation in my arms and fingers.

Eval. Bilateral paresthesias with weakness requires emg/ncv of the upper extremities. I would also obtain MRI of cervical spine to rule out hnp or cord compression. Cxr is useful . Carpal tunnel syndrome can be bilateral; physical exam and EMG can help diagnose. Look at myofascial pain, such as pronator syndrome , which is secondary to overuse.Also labwork for connective tissue disease panel.
Neuropathy . There are many reasons for paresthesias and neuropathic symptoms. You may have a neuropathy that needs investigtaion. Your physician will want to know several things to help diagnose and treat you. Were you recently involved in trauma? Do you have a job with repetitive motions (compression syndromes)? Are you on new medication? Family history? See your primary doctor to start!

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Tingling and burning sensation in arms and hands after fingers link together. Is this from bad circulation?

No. Tingling and burning (collectively called "paresthesias" medically) are symtoms of peripheral nerve dysfunction. Sounds like you're compressing a trigger point? It's more common with certain diseases such as diabetes but can occur in normal people as well. Read more...